bedroom being used to package and ship soap

the early days

I stumbled upon soapmaking as a hobby in 2016. After giving away loads of free soap to my friends, they encouraged me to start selling it. I was serving in the US Navy at the time, while packing online orders in the evening and selling at the farmers market on the weekend. As the zero waste movement took off, my small earth-conscious business (then known as Bestowed Essentials) grew swiftly too.

cooking soap down by the river outside a van

hippie in a van era

After leaving the military, I set off to fulfill a dream of vanlifing around the country, bringing my business on the road with me. Two years flew by as I explored national parks, visited zero waste stores, and cooked soap down by the river. When I couldn't keep up with business alone in my van any longer, I settled down and established a manufacturing shop.

excited woman standing in empty warehouse

girlboss era

Just three months before the pandemic hit, I opened a refill store, followed by a houseplant shop in 2021, while still running a warehouse for this business. I was growing my empire at all costs, including that of my physical and mental health. Despite "having it all" I was exhausted, misaligned, and unfulfilled. After developing an autoimmune disorder plus an emotional breakdown, I realized that I couldn’t continue down the path I was on.

So I sold the plant shop, closed the refill store, downsized this business, left an unhappy relationship, and moved abroad - all in less than six months!

red-haired woman in white dress in a field of wildflowers

I spent a summer living in a cottage in the English countryside, where I reconnected with my roots. Surrounded by wildflowers and with nothing but time, I sat with myself and my thoughts for weeks. I forgave my past self and visualized my future self. I found clarity on what I want in life: I want to live free of societal expectations. I want to break out of the capitalist workforce. I want to control what I put in and on my body. I want a home filled with love and laughter. I want to be part of an intentional community. I want to live slowly with mindfulness and purpose.

hands holding a round loaf of sourdough bread

So I stopped striving and started softening. As part of my healing journey, I began incorporating traditional practices into my everyday life. From baking sourdough bread to line-drying my clothes, I found so much peace in slowing down and enjoying the little moments. I also relocated to the PNW, where I feel rejuvenated and inspired everyday by the vibrant greenery.

woman in long burnt orange coat in a woodsy field

Through my newfound appreciation for simplicity and mindfulness, this business was reborn as rewild in early 2024. Now I hope to encourage you to find peace by returning to nature and romanticizing your life. Let’s rewild together!